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Trastevere, or “beyond the Tiber river”, is where you’ll find the most characteristic district of Rome, a place especially adored by artists and students alike. Renting an apartment in Trastevere signifies being surrounded by eclectic boutiques, stylish bars, rich open air markets and some of the most renowned restaurants that Rome has to offer: for starters, “Checco ercarettiere” is an institution and having a bite there is an absolute must. Trastevere’s nightlife is also unparalleled; bar hopping is made easy in a place like this! But Trastevere is not only about succulent local cuisine and drinks; it’s also extremely rich in monuments and attractions. One of the oldest churches of Rome, Santa Maria in Trastevere, is just a short stroll away from your Roman flat. Trastevere is also home to Janiculum hill. Walking up the hill, whereyou can take a few minutes to admire the breathtaking views over the Eternal City, is probably the best treat you can give yourselfduring your holidayhere. After your hike, head to the enormous park of Villa Pamphili for a much deserved picnic. The “Trasteverinis” have it good and your home in Trastevere is a click away!

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Rich with government offices and public establishments, the Pantheon area is rightfully the political heart of the city. But along with imposing elegant buildings, this area also offers one of the most well preserved monuments of Rome: the Pantheon, which stands proudly on Piazza della Rotonda. A short stroll from your Pantheon apartment for rent, through the little cobblestone streets, will get you to this majestic square where restaurants, cafés, bars, and artisan shops welcome you arms wide open. This neighborhood is also where you’ll find the greatest concentration of homemade mouthwatering gelato. Indulge in a rich creamy creation at the Gelateria Giolitti, one of Rome’s most ancient ice cream parlors. And don’ tforget to make your way through the narrow streets behind the Pantheon where you’ll find plenty of leather artisan stores to shop some fine Italian leather handmade goods. Another institution, near your Pantheon accommodation, worth every second of the wait in line is Caffé Sant’Eustachio, located on the piazza of the same name. Renting your very own home in Rome in the Pantheon area is certainly a wise decision!

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The neighborhood of Piazza di Spagna offers one of the most important monuments of Rome: the Spanish Steps. Theyhave always been and will continue to remain, one of Rome’s most popular attractions. Some will remember seeing them for the first time in the classic “Roman Holiday“! Europe’s widest staircase links, with its 135 steps, Piazza di Spagna at its base to Piazza Trinità dei Monti at its top. The splendid fountaincalled “Fontana della barcaccia” sits proudly at the foot of the staircase. This area of Rome is also where you’ll find the largest concentration of big designer names: Prada, Gucci, Valentino, to name only a few! Trend followers will love having their Roman apartment near Via Condotti, the main shopping street of the city center. After going up the Spanish Steps and around the chic boutiques, you may want to head to Babington’s Tea Room and enjoy some down time with a cup of tea. Finally, when the sun is about to set, make your way to the gardens of Villa Borghese and marvel at the breathtaking sight of the Eternal City from atop the Pincio.

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For many, the word Vatican evokes lots of images: the pope, Saint-Peter’s Basilica, the Sistine Chapel, the Vatican museums and gardens… the associations are plenty! One of the many advantages of having a vacation home in or near the Vatican is that it facilitates visiting all of those wonderful sights: you can roll out of bed and be right in the middle of it all. But besides the majestic things to see at the Vatican, thereis also a wonderful neighborhood to be explored, one which offers elegant boutiques and cafes, beautiful ancient buildings and one of the biggest market in Italy: the Trionfale Market. Make your way there to stock up on some delicious cheeses and coldcuts as well as fresh fruits and vegetables straight from the farm. Enjoy that succulent lunch on one of the benches of charming Piazza Cavour. After lunch, grab yourself a richcup of coffee and some dessert at Castroni, a Roman institution, known for its coffee and carefully selected gourmet foods. Before heading to your holiday rental for a nap, don’t forget to pass by the ever so imposing Castel Sant’Angelo!

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The Navona area is famous for the impressive square whichbears the samename: Piazza Navona. This square is essentially the focal point of the neighborhood, with its wonderful buildingsall around it and its majestic fountains. The Navona area is, as the rest of Rome, very rich in historical facts. Be sure to learn about the story behind the fountain in the center of the piazza… a true 17th century soap opera! The baroque church of Sant’Agnese in Agone, which faces the square, is also worth peeking into. Don’t forget to treat yourself to an aperitif at Piazza Navona; you’ll love the experience of being surrounded by such grandeur. Near your Rome apartment, you’ll find “Antico Caffe della Pace“, an institution in the city, a place where you can sit and have a drink among friends. Antique collectors, you’ll be glad to know that the historic street of “Via dei Coronari” is in the Navona district and offers plenty of antique hops waiting for you to come in and take an old piece of Rome home. Want to learn more? Take a look atour Piazza Navona guide for travelers.

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The trendy neighborhood of Monti is an extremely charming area tucked between the Colosseum and Piazza Venezia. Strategically located near important monuments, buses and the subway, Monti is a fantastic home base for your Roman holiday. Its hilly little streets (Monti translates to “mountains”) offer much to those eager to discover the more local side of Rome: here, you are surrounded by delicious restaurants, pizzerias, bakeries, cafes, and not to mention the weekly vintage market where you’re sure to find some treasures to take back home! Having an apartment in Monti also means being just a short stroll from the ever so magnificent Colosseum. After spending some time at the Colosseum, a walk along Via Dei Fori Imperiali will get you to the imposing white marble monument of the Altare della Patria, which stands proudly between Piazza Venezia and the Capitoline Hill. From the top of the stairs of the Altare della Patria, you’ll find it amusing to look over the city’s notoriously frantic traffic! An apartment in Monti is definitely a safe bet!